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This song was inspired by a recent personal experience.  It will be on my 2nd CD- ‘JAZZ by JELLISON’, to be released in 2018.

‘MOON OVER MANHATTAN’ is a good example of how I write lyrics, with amusing imagery and mostly ‘perfect’ rhymes.

When I’m working up a new song, I typically write upwards of 150% of the necessary volume of lyrics.  Then I scale back, keeping the best material.

I also spend a lot of detail-time, crafting the lyrics within the melody lines. Safe to say, I invest more brain-work in one song’s lyrics than some invest in an entire CD!

You can hear a demo version of this song now, at

The complete lyrics follow…


Show-tune/Tin-pan Alley style    –Word & Music by Dave Jellison

Before I met you, alone in the City

Times were simply Square

Battery Park had no spark  without my lover there.

Now Fate has finally played a card

Revealed your angel face.

Tonight  this city’s vibrant!

Magic time,  Magic place,  Magic…

Moon over Manhattan,  Diamond in the dark

Clouds shimmer like satin over Central Park

Nothin’s loud,  nothin’s lewd,  nothin’s crude

I’m in luck,  I’m in love,  Feeling renewed!

Moon over Manhattan

Jewel up in the night

Cast wondrous patterns on scaffold and skylight!

There’s only one thing better than bein’ here

It’s bein’ here with you

While the Village has its arts

and Chinatown its carts

and taxis fly like yellow darts in every direction

While Chelsea has its charms

and Wall Street its alarms

On this night, we’re disarmed with reflection

By that Moon over Manhattan

Spangle in the sky

Seduce them on Staten and in Bedford-Stuy

There’s only one thing better than bein’ here

It’s bein’ here with you

And share it all with you

Moon over Manhattan and you!



The two caricature panels of my CD ‘The MAD BALLADEER’ are the creations of Denver artist Mark V Hall.  Mark used my ‘Louisiana swamp-pop’ song ‘ONLY YESTERDAY’ as his inspiration for the front cover and tray insert panel.

You can hear this song now, at

If you listen to ‘ONLY YESTERDAY’ while taking a good look at the artwork, the characters will pop out at you. The lyrics are below…

2011 CD TRAY Mark V Hall


Slow 6/8    (Start in Key of Eb, finish in F)      Dave Jellison

Only yesterday

I was suddenly skipping dreams across the water

I pulled taffy from a rainbow

Charmed a snarling beast into a purring pet

Only yesterday

I could toy with my troubles like a sleek, sassy otter

Because yesterday was the day that we met

The way you squeeze me oh so tight

Your eyes that shine in darkest night

That smile that keeps out the cold

That blush that never hesitates

My darling I can hardly wait

To see how tomorrow unfolds

Only yesterday

The world was reshaped and I was the potter

Trapped the storm-clouds in my pocket

Freed the animals (Aardvark to Zebra) from the zoo

Now you’re here to stay

I can feel the fires of passion getting hotter

So glad that yesterday was the day I found you


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